Pizza evening

Thanks to Nick for hosting a great social evening featuring pizzas and broad-ranging discussions about the club boats, training, membership and an active season of dives ahead, particularly after our bigger boat, Cobra, goes to the coast on 1st May.  

March pool gathering

The pool foyer provides a relaxed meeting point for us to gather before going through to get into the water on our monthly training sessions. 

SCUBA drills in the pool

February’s pool session was useful to run through some basic skills with existing and potential members. 

Refreshing Oxygen skills

Diver practicing CPR with a defibrillator

January 29th and seven members piled into Nick’s minibus and headed for an oxygen and diver first aid refresher session in Ashford with Stefan and his SAA SE regional team.  Good day with a new continuous assessment style, and plenty of winter sunshine and biscuits to keep everyone going. 

Events for early 2022

Several dates on the club calendar already, beginning with an Oxygen Admin and Emergency Diver First Aid refresher course, a social discussion session, our AGM and a boatshed day to start the year off.   

December in the pool

We were back in the pool for December’s training session, welcoming another potential new member.  

Bedding the boats down for the 2021 winter

20th November, eight members, donuts, old clothes and gloves – gathered at the boatshed to apply grease, fibreglass, spanners, wire brushes, switches and paint to get the club boats sorted for the winter and set for next summer’s diving. 

Welcoming visitors at October pool session

Back to our monthly pool sessions, in October members were enjoying having a practice and welcoming a returning diver, running through a few pool skills to get back into the feel of it. 

Back to the pool at last

Early September, and at last members were kitting up and jumping into the pool once again – after an enforced absence of 18 months.  Very good to welcome a new try diver having a go under the care of our diving officer.  

Four out on the boat

A great, sunny August day out to test our boat, Cobra.  Time for everyone to have a go at the helm, and a  lunch stop over in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight.