Dry suit practice

Toasty warm in the pool with dry suits in October, practicing buoyancy controls, and how to deal with over-inflated legs!  

Curry Night

Members new and old enjoyed a great evening of curry and conversations at the Chili Nights in Haslemere in late September.  

Best of Brighton

Three of the Club joined the Seasearch dives on Saltdean Gullies and Jenny Grounds out of Brighton on a warm September Wednesday.  Water a balmy 21oC, visibility 7m, and beautifully calm conditions.  Lots of marine life recorded, including huge excitement over a seahorse, spotted by Francis.  

Full rescue

DO, Mike, assesses the full rescue procedure in our September pool session

Getting the boat wet

The sun shone on a relatively calm sea when three members took Cobra out for a test run in mid July.  Some quick roller repairs done on the trailer before she was winched back up. 

July in the pool

Rescue lift training in the pool on the first Thursday of July, preparing for open water assessments for Club Diver. 

Back on the coast

The sun’s out, Cobra is back in its summer quarters at Eastney, serviced and ready to go!  Many thanks to Tim, Mike, Tanya and David!

Poolside Recovery

Rescue practice with Bob, our rescue manikin, for the June pool session.  

Nitrox intro

Thanks to Nick for a short introduction to Nitrox diving as part of the Club Diver lecture series.