Happy 2019!

First pool session is on Thursday 17th January.  We hope to welcome some new trainees whose New Year resolutions include taking up something new and exciting in 2019!!  As usual, we will be meeting at Haslemere Leisure Centre at 8.45 to get into the pool at 9pm on 17th Jan, and then on the first Thursday of every month for the rest of the year.   Diving and training plans are being formulated for the year.



Final 2018 pool session

Great to welcome try-diver, Megan, to the club’s last pool session of 2018.  DO Mike pronounced her a natural, and we look forward to seeing her for some pool training next year.  Meanwhile other members practiced rescue skills, with shared air and unconscious diver lifts, and checked out their gear for a Red Sea visit next year! 

Well done Liz!

Very proud of Liz who was awarded top 2018 Seasearcher and Shoresearcher at Sussex Wildlife Trust’s annual social gathering in November. 

First Aid and Oxygen Admin

Six HSAC members are now qualified/refreshed in oxygen administration and emergency diver first aid skills, after a good day with SAA SE region’s instructors in Kent, kindly run by Stefan, Vince and Pat specifically for us.

Brewery tour

Good turnout for the 17th November trip to Langham’s Brewery in Lodsworth that filled Nick and Maddie’s minibus (thanks to Maddie for driving!) – a great afternoon tour of the brewery and a few good ‘tasters’ of the real ales they have to offer – from ‘HipHop’ to ‘Arapaho’ and ‘Sundowner’ to ‘Halfway to Heaven’. 

Clean boat and cream tea

Scones, clotted cream and jam for all those that spent a pleasant Saturday afternoon at the boatshed, just before all the 2018 Guy Fawkes fireworks kicked off. Cobra’s hull is now gleaming once more and the floor looking spotless – well, a lot cleaner!

Last of the summer sun

Fine Saturday in October to be out on the Outer Mulberry off Selsey in the company of cuttlefish and tompot blennies.

Back to the boatshed after some great dives

Cobra is out of the water and back in her winter quarters having transported us to several great dives over the summer months. Thanks to David and Liam for retrieving and towing her home.