2023 AGM

Members assembled for the AGM and a review of the past year’s activities in the comfortable setting of the church hall in Hindhead.  Through training and diving to finances and membership, social and boatshed work parties, ending with a quick photographic review of some 2022 highlights.   Welcome to our new members and big thanks recorded to Michael and David, both standing down from the committee this year after many years of involvement. 

Dive Planning

Next in the Club Diver lecture series by our Diving Officer, Mike – this one on Dive Planning!  Everyone now looking forward to the first dives of the season even more!

Committee concludes

Final committee meeting of the current membership year – once more on zoom – with plans and updates and suggestions prior to the AGM at the end of March.  

First underwater experience

Always great to see the happy, smiling faces after an introduction to diving, even when it’s only in the pool!  Mike went through some of the first essential skills with Ben in our March pool session, while new members were honing their rescue lifts and SMB deployment with Nick. 

Navigating underwater

Onto zoom for an introduction to underwater navigation for our February lecture – part of the Club Diver series. 

Diving gear galore

Chilly February 2023, and members gathered to share their thoughts and recommendations on dive gear, and new members were able to buy some of the essentials from old members who are no longer diving.  A good opportunity for some drinks and snacks while discussing the pros and cons of membrane vs neoprene dry suits, stab jackets vs wings and the shape of fins!  


Feb 2023 and back in the pool with some rescue training for our new members. 

Cosy boatshed?

An intrepid few members braved one of the coldest December evenings to construct a gazebo within the boatshed to hold the heat around us for some winter gatherings and lectures while the Churt Club remains closed on Thursdays.  Tested with beers and mince pies, and now looking forward to the new year’s programme with enthusiasm.  

Final 2022 Pool Session

Good to be in the pool in December while it’s too cold to venture out into the sea.  A good refresher session and a pint afterwards to welcome Josh.  

Diver Rescue

Back to zoom for the first of the Club Diver lectures in October, with plans to complete the rest of the series over the winter months.