Bedding the boats down for the 2021 winter

20th November, eight members, donuts, old clothes and gloves – gathered at the boatshed to apply grease, fibreglass, spanners, wire brushes, switches and paint to get the club boats sorted for the winter and set for next summer’s diving. 

Welcoming visitors at October pool session

Back to our monthly pool sessions, in October members were enjoying having a practice and welcoming a returning diver, running through a few pool skills to get back into the feel of it. 

Back to the pool at last

Early September, and at last members were kitting up and jumping into the pool once again – after an enforced absence of 18 months.  Very good to welcome a new try diver having a go under the care of our diving officer.  

Four out on the boat

A great, sunny August day out to test our boat, Cobra.  Time for everyone to have a go at the helm, and a  lunch stop over in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight.  

Evening at the boatshed

It was good to see several members and a few prospective new members at the boatshed on 8th July for a relaxed social evening.   

All set to get the boat out

Francis is now signed off for using the tractor to get our dive boat in the water, so all is set for the coming dives. 

Summer by the seaside

It’s June and the larger of our two dive boats (Cobra) is off to her summer quarters on the coast at Eastleigh on Sunday, ready to take us out on some dives.  

Social Thursday

A good chat this evening about the boats and trailers, organising work to be done at the boatshed and recapping on last week’s diving before having a look at David’s video from his dive at Disney World.   

Sunday at Swanage

2021 – 9th May and HSAC was at last in the sea!  Great day had by all at Swanage, after a week of uncertainty as the forecast alternated between wild and diveable.  Plenty of spiny spider crabs, cuttlefish, conger eel and blenny greeted the divers.  Nicely rounded off at the cafe on the pier with a fresh seafood basket, with chips!  Thanks to Francis for organising!

And then the wind blew

A hardy band of members were set to dip their toes into the chilly water in April but strong winds blew in from the east and the trip to Swanage was postponed to May.   Fingers crossed the weather will be kinder next time.