Cobra makeover!

A couple of hours with brushes and cloths and Cobra’s original seats are gleaming white once more and back in place in the hull.  Pizzas and hot drinks warmed up the chilly April evening and kept us all going, getting this large old Club RIB ready to be sold, while we order a new engine for Eagle.  

Shakedown dive at Andark

Five members enjoyed a very relaxed April day at Andark Lake testing our kit, with welcome hot drinks and lunch from the cafe, bright sunshine, water at a pleasant 13 degrees and 2m visibility adequate to see the jetski, pipes and toilet and various other items of ‘interest’ that have been put in the lake (along with the resident snails, tadpoles, moorhen family and newt).    

Welcoming new members in April

Warmly welcoming two new members at our April pool session, straight into some rescue skills and dry suit test runs, while other guest divers had a refresher session prior to their diving holidays!